New Voices from the Central Valley

New Voices from the Central Valley

January 15th, 2018  |  Published in Books

By Lao Student Association, Fresno State

Lao Voices of the Central Valley is a project started by Lao Student Association at Fresno State in Fall 2017. This book showcase works from talented writers and artists in the Central Valley. It also features work from Laotians and Laotian Americans from other states. Order your copy at

This project aims to preserve the stories of Laotians and Laotian Americans, as a tangible item that can be passed on to the next generation. These stories are expressed through poetry, narratives, photography and art. Contributors are of Laotian descent either born in America or has pursuit life in America. Culture and heritage naturally shapes a person’s unique perspective. The contents of this book will enlighten readers of what it truly means to be born within Laotian culture and heritage.

Book sales will go towards our annual Lao Heritage Night held in the spring semester. We want to purchase traditional Lao clothing especially matching sinhs and pah bieng for our group of dancers. Lao Heritage Night helps promotes our Lao culture and heritage through performance of dancing and singing.

Lao Student Association was founded in 1988 at California State University, Fresno. Our goal is to create a foundation where students can strengthen their knowledge through participation in various Lao cultural functions and through learning Laotian culture as well as promoting social networks and academic excellence. The organization is dedicated to the Laotian culture and open to all Fresno State students.

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