Technology for the Future

Technology for the Future

March 29th, 2018  |  Published in Community

David Phanthai is a Lao American high school English teacher in Sacramento, California. He graduated from the University California at Davis in 2000, then worked as a web content editor before entering the teaching profession. He has been teaching for 15 years. He has found his passion in education and finds teaching a rewarding and fulfilling career.

By David Phanthai

I am a high school English teacher at Sacramento City Unified School District and aside from teaching Literature, reading and writing, I also teach an after school course called “Creative Writing & Art of the Graphic Novel”. My students need Chromebooks for the classroom. Many of my students do not have access to computers, electronic devices and the internet. Many need to develop technology skills and should not be left behind. They are a diverse group made up of ninth and tenth graders.

We are a small part of a comprehensive high school with over twenty-two hundred students. The classes I teach requires the use of technology and the students need access to laptops and computers. Some are special education students who rely on technology to help them learn. My 9th and 10th grade students sometimes use their own electronic devices but it is not conducive to typing and classroom presentations. We need to make sure our students develop the skills needed for their future and become responsible citizens of technology.

We will be needing computers for student essays, assignments, projects, powerpoint presentations and more! The laptops are also useful for student to complete group work and research projects. Please help our students learn how to use technology and enhance their computer skills. In today’s increasing global economy and advance technology, we do not want to leave any students behind in the digital divide.

Some of my students come from socially and economically disadvantage backgrounds and need access to laptops and chromebooks to help them in their educational endeavors. Our projects range from presentations using laptops to writing assignments to research projects using the internet. Please help us reach our goal! Donate via