Lao American Magazine is an independent online journal based in northern California. Since 2009, we have featured stories by and about Americans of Laotian descent, as well as Americans living and working in Laos. If you have a request for submission or a story you would like featured, please contact us.

Siamphone Louankang, Chief Editor & Publisher
Yale University, BA History

Thatsanaphone Bounyarith, Production Director
University of California, Berkeley, BA Psychology

Genevieve Siri, Associate Editor
Harvard Kennedy School of Government, MA Public Policy

Thinnakone Arounsack-Jørgensen, Associate Editor
Fairfield University, B.S. Biochemistry & Mathematics

Tony Ouk, Media Strategist
MIT Sloan School of Management, MBA



Aimee M. Khanchareun Student Intern
Aline Xayasouk Social Networker
Amy Pholphiboun Community Journalist
Annie Rooney Research Consultant
Bob Louankang Business Consultant
Bryan Thao Worra On the Other Side of the Eye
Gary Sayviseth Freelance Graphic Designer, Photographer
Jerry Sithiphone Lao American Advancement Organization
Keo Keonorasak Independent Correspondent
Ladda Sonephome Student Intern
Lalie Songchitirahd Lao American Advancement Organization
Lianxay Louankang Language Specialist
Lily Liemthongsamout Lao American Advancement Organization
Mary Keovisai The Center for Lao Studies
Robert Phongsavanh Independent Correspondent
Sandra Siharath SEACHAMPA
Saymoukda Vongsay Freelance Writer
Sim Louankang International Man of Mystery
Sirch Chanthyasack Laotian American National Alliance (LANA)

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