Recipes for Success

Recipes for Success

January 25th, 2015  |  Published in Business

By Mary Keovisai

For lots of Lao Americans and Lao in the U.S. there is little more comforting than being able to eat Lao food. 40 years after the beginning of the Lao journey from Laos to the U.S., the Lao food movement is in full bloom. From Chef Seng in Washington, D.C. to Chef Soulayphet in New York City to the Center for Lao Studies in San Francisco, Lao food is becoming more and more available to the larger public. While Lao restaurants are gaining more visibility, Lao Chareune Foods in Dallas, Texas is working on promoting Lao food by taking a slightly different approach.


Lao Chareune Foods was founded in 1992 with a focus on manufacturing and producing quality Lao food products like nam (their most popular product), sausage, pork rinds, tamarind, pineapple jam, and jeow bong. These products are staples of Lao meals, but many Lao Americans find it too difficult or time consuming to be able to make the products themselves. Lao Chareune Foods hopes to be able to provide these simple comforts for Lao Americans who are unable to produce them themselves. By ensuring that individual Lao Americans are able to consume their products, they are working to ensure that Lao Americans do not loose their culture and roots.

Currently, Lao Chareune Foods’ team of 5 employees have been working hard to produce products that remind consumers of a familiar home-cooked taste, while adhering to food safety procedures and FDA standards. It has been a challenge for Lao Chareune Foods to go from causally making food products for family and friends to a large scale manufacturing production to be sold to the public, but a task that they are not willing to back down from. They understand the importance of providing safe, high quality food products and are committed to ensuring that their current and future products will meet those standards.

Lao Chareune Foods is still a small company and most of their advertisement comes from word-of-mouth. They have been dedicated to their customers who have returned the favor by telling their friends about Lao Chareune Foods. With community support, they hope to expand their marketing strategy and increase their mainstream appeal in the upcoming years.

February 1, 2015 will mark the 23-year anniversary of Lao Chareune Foods and they have many hopes and expectations for the upcoming years. Their goals are to continue producing delicious and healthy food products, while also moving towards environmental friendly packaging and developing green and sustainable farming methods and techniques. Lao Chareune Foods also hopes to grow their manufacturing warehouses to multiple locations as their business grows. Eventually, Lao Chareune Foods would like to see their products available in large supermarkets and going mainstream. Until then, they’ll keep focusing on maintaining quality control and providing low-cost, delicious products.

Lao Chareune Foods
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Dallas, TX, United States 75211
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